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We, are starting to reopen in accordance with step 2 rules

All indoor spaces at visitor attractions must continue to remain closed (café, play barn and the indoor animal barn).

Outdoor spaces are allowed to remain open. Our outdoor animals, outdoor play areas and Brian’s wood remain open, with our tougher and regular cleaning schedule.

 Tasty locally produced coffee, luxury hot chocolate and a small selection of take away food will also be available.

Please remember that the rule of 6 or two households applies to all visits

Entry to the farm will continue be pre-bookable only (including members) via our website, so that we can strictly limit numbers on site.

Stay Safe



Welcome to our online booking system.

Before you book we need to share some important changes for your safety and ours.





  • Tickets are only available online, please pre-book your tickets through our website. Admission numbers will be strictly limited. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE YOUR BOOKED ARRIVAL TIME
  • Annual Pass holders will also need to book. We have now gone online for our members as well so you can book using the system below once you have logged into My Account. If you have not received an email with instructions of how to log in please get in touch so we may update your email records.
  • New dates and times will be released 10 days in advance.
  • Please be aware that some of the areas and facilities may be suspended at any time for deep cleaning and your safety.
  • We are remaining cashless, so please bring a payment card with you if you wish to buy items on site. There will be a range of snacks, take away food, warms and cold drinks and ice cream available.
  • Please don’t visit us if you or one of your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are travelling from a local lock-down zone.
  • In accordance with government guidelines we now require everyone who is able to and over the age of 11 to wear a face-covering in any of our indoor areas. (reception, animal barn etc)

Please choose the number of people in your group, which date that you would like to visit and then choose an arrival time.

We have several arrival slots at 10am, 11am, 12pm and 2pm each with strictly limited numbers, so compliance to social distancing can fully adhered to. Please arrive promptly to allow staff time to clean between arrival slots, Once you arrive you can stay for as long as you like. Under twos are free but do count towards the total group number.

If you need to amend your booking for any reason we require 24 hours’ notice.

How many under 2’s will be in your group * 

Please enter 0 if none

Contact Details Of Visitors * 

Due to Government Track and Trace requirements we need to take all visitors aged over 16 names and contact details, this is not a definitive list and can be changed at any point, however, if it does change please inform our reception staff on arrival.
Please and enter each visitors name and contact telephone number per line.


Planning your visit

Please be mindful of the distance between your car and the next, and be aware of families arriving at the same time as you.

Please read the signs and make sure all the members of your family use the hand sanitiser at the top of the car park before entering the farm. Please report to reception on arrival.

Please present the barcode of your ticket, either on your smart phone or printed out so it can be scanned.

We have put lots of signage and social distance markers around the site for your safety. Please make sure that you follow it as you move round the farm.

There are lots of great spots for you to picnic safely, please remember your social distancing rules between yourselves and others. Please make sure you clear away any rubbish in the bins provided to help keep our staff safe.

Our cafe is open for take away, 11am – 3:30pm,with a range of hot and cold snacks, coffee, tea, hot choclate, cold drinks and ice cream for you to enjoy

Our outside toilets are open, please make sure you wait outside until a cubical is available and remember to always wash your hands.

Our animals are super excited to see you all again. For your safety we have introduced a one-way system in Brian’s Wood. Please ensure you follow this.

Due to social distancing measures a number of our activities have changed.

We know that the indoor play barn and animal barns are some of the most popular areas, However in accordance with government guidelines they have to remain closed for everyone’s safety.


Our outdoor play areas, including peddle tractors and sand pit will remain open with limited capacity. For everyone’s safety please wash your hands before and after using them and follow any instructions given by staff or signage. These areas will also be cleaned regularly by our staff. You are welcome to bring your own toys for the sandpit if you wish.

If at any time before your visit you or one of your household feels unwell or shows any signs of COVID-19 please don’t visit us. Instead contact reception who will be happy to assist you with re-booking at a later date.

Thank you for helping us keep each other safe and respecting each other’s social distance.

We hope to see you soon.

A Range of activities throughout the day


  • All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Windmill Farm Park does not accept responsibility for the supervision of children.
  • Children should wash their hands prior to entering the play areas.
  • No food, drink or chewing gum should be taken into the play areas.
  • It is recommended that jewellery and badges, be removed and kept safely by a responsible adult.
  • Please remove shoes before entering the play areas. Socks must be worn at all times.
    Socks can be purchased from the main reception area.
  • Windmill Farm Park recommends suitable clothing such as long sleeves and trousers are worn, particularly when using the slides.  Clothes with ropes and cords that could get caught should not be worn in the play areas.
  • The play area is designed for children under the age of 13 and under the 1.5m tall.
    Adults Play at their own risk.
  • Please do not play in front of slide exits.
  • No sharp objects may be taken into the play areas.
  • It is forbidden to climb on slides, the netted walls or the system structure.
  • Smoking or Vaping is not permitted
  • It is recommended that children who are not feeling well are not allowed to enter the play areas.
  • Fighting or bullying will not be tolerated. Guilty parties may be asked to leave.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for the behaviour and well-being of the children in their care and must maintain supervision at all times
  • In the interest of Health & Safety, please ensure that any food debris which falls on the floor is picked/wiped up as soon as possible.  Please report any spillages to a member of staff who will be happy to clean the area.
  • Report ALL accidents to a member of staff, to ensure that we can provide any necessary assistance and minimise the potential of re-occurrence. These will be logged and are an important part of our ongoing commitment to safe play
  • All damages either accidental or deliberate must be reported to a member of staff.
  • Windmill Farm Park is proud to welcome breastfeeding in our facility.
  • Picnics are not allowed inside the play barn, please use allocated picnic area next to outdoor play.
    Baby Food is permitted
  • Report any behavioural concerns to a member of staff. Don’t attempt to intervene yourself.

You will now have the chance to experience close contact with our farm animals for your own safey please follow these simple rules will help to keep you and your children safe from E. coli and other infections that may be found on open farms. Pregnant women need to take extra care.

Do Not’s

  • Do not use gels or wipes instead of washing hands with soap and water.
  • Gels and wipes do not remove E. coli that is in dirt.
  • Do not put hands on faces or fingers in mouths while touching animals or walking round the farm
  • Do not kiss farm animals nor allow children to put their faces close to animals
  • Do not eat or drink while touching animals or walking round the farm
  • Do not eat anything that has fallen on the floor.
  • Do not enter animal pens


  • Do wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after you have touched animals, fences or other surfaces in animal areas.
  • Do wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating or drinking.
  • Do wash your before and after playing on the outdoor play area.
  • Do wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after removing dirty shoes or boots that have been worn on the farm.
  • Do supervise children and vulnerable adults in your care closely to ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly.
  • Do eat and drink in picnic areas or cafes only.

Carers and Parents: you must ensure that the children/people in your care wash their hands thoroughly.

  • Everyone must sanitise their hands before entering the indoor barn and play areas.
  • If you are over 11 and are able to; face coverings must always be worn (except when seated at a table eating) This is mandatory. (reusable masks are available to purchase from reception)
  • The number of visitors will be strictly controlled and are pre-booked online only. If you book the 10 am arrival time you will have access to the play barn 10 am-11:30 am. There will then be a 30min break where everyone must exit the barn to allow our staff to clean and sanitise the play area. (12pm arrival slot 12-1:30pm, 2pm arrival slot 2pm-3:30pm). After your slot in the play barn, you are welcome to stay for the rest of the day and visit the other areas of the farm and see the activities.
  • The indoor café will be open during these slots serving hot and cold drinks, snacks, cakes, a small selection of hot food and ice cream for people in the play barn. However, it will be closed during cleaning times.
  • Only food and drink purchased from the café can be consumed in the play barn. No picnics are allowed. Our outdoor and undercover picnic areas are available if you wish to consume your own food and drinks.
  • To help protect our staff; please clear your tables as much as possible when you are finished into the rubbish and recycling bins.
  • For your own safety; please wait until our staff have cleared and sanitised a vacated table before sitting down
  • Please be patient and courteous with our staff as they undertake additional cleaning, sanitising and general duties.
  • Hands must be sanitised before entering the play areas.
  • Face coverings must be worn by everyone over the age of 11 who is able to do so.
  • Please supervise your children closely.
  • Please follow the arrows on the main play area; this will help with social distancing. Please only go up ladders and down slides.
  • Please respect each other’s social distance (2m+) and be understanding of people that might be slower than you.
  • A maximum of 8 people in the under 2s area at any one time (Adults & Children)
  • Socks must be worn on the play area (we have some available to purchase from reception if required)
  • Please wear long clothes (covering knees and elbows)


Thank you for respecting each other’s social distance.